The Process

We are self sufficient in handling every trading activity as we have our own in-house consignment handling systems, ranging from packaging, transportation, warehousing, documentation to forwarding and shipping etc. Betfa International Limited is priviledged by performance reliability to have a wide network of distributors and marketing professionals across the globe.

Farm to Table / Shelves

Our operational procedures are based on twin tenets of speed and vigilance, guaranteeing maximum freshness and quality of all products in the export market. Monitoring each step of the production, procurement, and distribution, setting us apart in a sector where these steps are normally relegated to different entities down the value chain.

1. Production / Harvesting
2. Quality Sorting
3. Certified Packaging
4. Logistics & Shipment
Avocado Exporter - Betfa International Limited for Fresh Fruits, Avocado Exporter in Kenya